About that weight-loss issue…

So…I’ve been avoiding this issue for awhile – namely the lack of updates on my progress. Why? Because there has been no progress . Ever since I stopped Turbofire due to a back injury I sort of stopped exercising all together. I still had some spunk to exercise by going for walks etc for some time after the injury. But then we went on holiday and ever since then my motivation has just slowly dissipated. We still eat healthy meals mostly but without the exercise, it has just kept the weight stable. I guess it was the combination of a few factors which brought this about but lets not get into that. 

What is important is that I now realize that I have been a very bad and I have to change my ways – again. The swimming plan (I never mustered up the courage to go…) cannot go ahead because it costs about $5 to go to the pools every time and I can’t grow money in the garden. That also leaves out going to the gym cause the fees are crazy expensive. So that leaves walking and Youtube exercises. 

Been researching for Youtube channels that provide good low-impact exercises. So far I am really liking the jessicasmithtv channel. I have done the odd video here and there from her ‘knee and back friendly’ workout playlist. So far so good! They really are low impact but they do work up a sweat. I imagine that they will get too easy with time though. Some other channels that I have seen recommendations for are FitnessBlender and Blogilates. These channels seem to have more intense exercises so I will have to work my way there. Other than that…my Fitbit shall once again find a home on my wrist. Yea…the daily walks stopped too. 

As for healthier recipes, it is pretty hard with Chinese food at times. But I have been doing some ingredient swaps which I think make some dishes less fatty. I will write a list of them soon. Other than that I have sought inspiration from Pinterest and this the Youtube channel, Everyday Food. Their clean-eats playlist is brilliant and they have a recipe for roasted eggplant curry that is so good I wanted to eat it all. Can you tell I spend a lot of time on Youtube?  What can I say, it is a good few minutes (or more) break while looking through job vacancies.

Right. So yea…that’s that. I am hopeful that I will actually break the habit this time. Big plus is that I now have a friend who is trying to lose weight too! So yay to motivation from a friend….she is a mum and she will likely give me a kick up the butt if I fall off the wagon – yea, I don’t want to be on that end of the stick. Found this really good quote:



I was looking up stuff on weight loss and saw this on Red Bull Special Ops Bike Training. Random looking page but I am guessing they are personal trainers? Anyway thanks for the quote as it makes be feel slightly better about my failed attempts. Good reminder for those in the same pit as me too!

Have you ever fallen off the weight-loss wagon? How did you re-motivate yourself? Let me know if you have any tips and tricks! Oh, and also if you have any good Youtube channels to recommend. Till next time – .





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