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Nelson Saturday Market Food: Part 1

For awhile I was stuck in this rut of work and writing anything was the last thing on my mind. But of late, I have a renewed sense of  life. I am about to change job and it almost feels like a cloud is lifted off me. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my job but there was something about it that also drove me to a point where I was not enjoying life anymore. My job became my life and it was doing nobody favours. But that is a story for another day.

So yes, with this cloud lifted we slowly started going out more and even back to the Saturday market for a casual stroll every week. It seems like there is so much more there compared to a year ago?! Yes, that is how long I have not been to the local market. In any case, there are definitely heaps of new food stalls. We are yet to try it all but have found a few gems so far that we keep visiting each week. So I got thinking, what better way to make an excuse to try ALL the foods than to say that I have to for review purposes to create content for this blog! 

And that is exactly what I am going to do. So this is part 1, next week, we will try something new and update you. Nelson also has quite a strong cafe scene, so perhaps a cafe crawl will be in the works? 

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Hello Vietnam Restaurant Review

You know that feeling you get when you find a good restaurant that leaves you wanting to go back for more? That’s how I felt after my first visit to Hello Vietnam. So far I have been there 3 times in the past month alone. They are a fairly new restaurant with a very big menu! I have never visited Vietnam so I can’t say if it is authentic (I assume it is!) but the food sure as hell tastes amazing. There are only a handful of Vietnamese restaurants in Christchurch and this is definitely the best.

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Shopping in Kuching, Sarawak: Part 1 – City Center

I often find people asking me “Do people in Sarawak still live in trees?”. Usually they are just teasing me but sometimes….you can just tell that they aren’t. Well just to clarify any doubts, we do not live on trees. In fact, Kuching is quite a concrete jungle that is only growing bigger and bigger.

Every year I go home, the number of new malls and developments are forever increasing. It is insane! But with that comes a wealth of choices. It would be entirely silly to mall hop when you are on holiday as some are just not worth wasting precious time on. Although if you consider shopping to be a sport (I do….) then by all means shop to your heart’s content. But if you are not into mall hopping, read on. I will tell you where are the best places to shop in Kuching and why.

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How To Tell if a Bowl of Sarawak Laksa is Good

It is Labour Day today in Malaysia so I get to spend some time with the family. So while everyone is resting, I thought I’d continue writing the ‘Kuching Series’.

Today I want to elaborate more on Sarawak Laksa. As I said in my previous post, finding the best Laksa is a difficult task because it is dependant on the individual. I can give you a whole list of stalls that are said to sell the best Laksa in Kuching and there will be people who disagree. IMO, as long as the Laksa possesses the characteristics below, I think you are in for a real treat.

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