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Turbofire: Week 3

Weekly update time! So this week, I have been feeling a little down overall. My professional study course is coming to an end so it has been getting tougher and busier. I know exercise is important and that I should set aside a time for it. But you know, when you pay a shit ton of money for a 13 week course that determines whether you get admitted into the bar….the study wins.

Right then, lets see how this week went.

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Turbofire: Week 1


I have jumped from exercise plan to exercise plan without ever finishing the program. So with this, I am determined to stick till the end. The whole program is 20 weeks long.

Their website says that it will burn 9x more fat than a regular cardio workout. When I read that, I was sold. This program is marginally easier than Insanity (I tried it last year and it was literally insane) but still, I can see how it is be effective. When I say it is easier than Insanity, it still means that it is still pretty hard. It makes use of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and is very cardio focused. Think lots of punching, kicking and jumping.

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