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2 Kaya (Coconut Custard Jam) recipes

One of my favourite things to have for breakfast when I go back to Malaysia is Kaya toast. You will find it everywhere and it typically comes in a set. The perfectly charred toast (brownie points if the toast is toasted on charcoal!), slab of butter, thick layer of sweet coconut goodness, rich dark coffee and two soft boiled eggs = heaven. I can taste it now.

Generally, Kaya is usually flavoured with Pandan and green in colour. Pandan is also called Screwpine leaves and grows everywhere in Malaysia. The fragrance is not something I can really describe but it is AMAZING. It features in many Malaysian dishes for its fragrance and also is used as a natural green colouring! If your Kaya is bright bright green, it is probably an essence or colouring. Natural colouring from Pandan leaves can be quite strong but the colour will be darker and duller.

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Char Kueh (Fried Turnip Cake)

Did the title of this post catch your attention? If so, I am almost certain that like me, you are missing this childhood favorite and was trying to find a recipe to satisfy your cravings. 

Well, fear not! I’ve done the recipe testing for you. The version of  Char Kueh I am making is the Kuching styled version. I find that it is more solid and chewy in comparison to the ones you find in Singapore or Penang. We also don’t include spring onions or beansprouts when frying it. Most of the recipes I found was more closely aligned to this style. So, whats a Kuchingnite who is overseas supposed to do? Make my own of course!

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Pizza Dough

Hello everyone! I don’t think I have ever been so happy that the weekend is here because it has been an incredibly busy past few weeks at work. My office recently had it’s national conference and our city was the hosting office this year. Was great to meet heaps of new people working for the organization but man was it tiring. I was pretty much smashed and cooking dinner was the last thing on my mind. Due to past experiences there are a couple of things I always make ahead and freeze so that I have no excuses to eat out. I think I have mentioned my love of freeze ahead dumplings in a previous post. The other thing I like to make in advance and keep in the fridge is pizza dough. And really, there is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked dough after a long day at work. 

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