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Happy New Year & Homemade Granola Recipe

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe we are in 2016 already? The last year has really gone by in a blur. In fact I have yet to come up with any New Year resolutions…perhaps I will just stick to the same ones as I have every year:

  1. Get a job (this used to be ‘do well in school’ but since I’ve graduated…).
  2. Be happy and grateful for what I have.
  3. Exercise more. 
  4. Lead a healthier lifestyle.

Oh, perhaps I will add in a fifth resolution this year – to write more frequently here on The Chai Ninja. Now that the resolutions are done and dusted lets get down to business.

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Scrambled eggs: 2 ways

Back with a simple recipe that should be in every person’s recipe arsenal. Eggs are simply the best ingredient IMO. You can never cook them wrong and they taste great all the time. There are many, many ways to cook an egg but my personal favourite, the scrambled egg. I make 2 types of scrambled eggs very often. One is the milky Western version while is other is an Asian version that I often make for dinner. 

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Corn Fritters and Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

It has been awhile since I wrote a recipe post. So I thought I’d write one today instead of continuing the Kuching Series posts. Today I will be sharing a recipe for Corn Fritters and Fresh Tomato Salsa. It is a simple recipe that  packs a punch!

Before we go on there is something I want to clarify. This recipe and other meatless recipes I’ve posted are definitely meatless but I cannot guarantee that it is vegan or vegetarian friendly. I usually include garlic, onion, eggs or milk in my cooking. To my knowledge these are acceptable to some vegetarians but not to others. So it is up to you to decide what you will need to omit and substitute .

Back to the recipe.

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Kale and Woodear (Black) Fungus Aglio E Olio Pasta Recipe

I have been a fan of pasta for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mum would make a pasta dish at least twice a week for lunch or dinner. When I started living on my own, I realised that pasta was not only tasty but superbly quick to make – for some recipes anyway. My go to for a stage was plain Aglio E Olio.With time, I started experimenting with additional ingredients and found that shrimp went well with this dish.

Sometime ago on one fine Meatless Monday, I had a craving for Shrimp Aglio E Olio. So I brainstormed a replacement for shrimp and decided to try my luck with Woodear fungus. It has a similar sort of texture to shrimp so I thought it would be a good substitute!

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