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Nelson Saturday Market Food: Part 1

For awhile I was stuck in this rut of work and writing anything was the last thing on my mind. But of late, I have a renewed sense of  life. I am about to change job and it almost feels like a cloud is lifted off me. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my job but there was something about it that also drove me to a point where I was not enjoying life anymore. My job became my life and it was doing nobody favours. But that is a story for another day.

So yes, with this cloud lifted we slowly started going out more and even back to the Saturday market for a casual stroll every week. It seems like there is so much more there compared to a year ago?! Yes, that is how long I have not been to the local market. In any case, there are definitely heaps of new food stalls. We are yet to try it all but have found a few gems so far that we keep visiting each week. So I got thinking, what better way to make an excuse to try ALL the foods than to say that I have to for review purposes to create content for this blog! 

And that is exactly what I am going to do. So this is part 1, next week, we will try something new and update you. Nelson also has quite a strong cafe scene, so perhaps a cafe crawl will be in the works? 

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National Parks in Nelson/Tasman

Hello! Work has been absolutely mental with the lead up to Christmas. Everyone wants to get things done in a hurry. Only 1 more month to Christmas break and 2 more months to Malaysia!  Anyway, I thought I’d finally get around to writing about more activities that we have done since moving here. Last time I wrote about activities that were closer to Nelson City itself but today I thought we venture a bit further and cover the National Parks. There are 3 National Parks within the region – Kahurangi, Nelson Lakes and Abel Tasman. All extremely beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you are after adventure, fun and insta-worthy photographs. 

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Things to do: Nelson

So the perfect Nelson weather has been traded in for cold rainy days. Ah well, it was good while it lasted. 

In light of the crappy weather I decided that today would be the perfect day to start writing about what we have done in Nelson. Because I will have to split it into a series of posts, I think I shall start a NZ Series as I have done with Kuching and Xiamen. Most of the activities I’ll be writing about will be in the Nelson/Tasman region with the occasional one in Canterbury. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about the other regions in time!

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Last Day in Xiamen, China

Hello everyone! Back with the last bit of our China trip. You can read all the other parts under the Xiamen Series category. Right so the last full day in Xiamen was a real packed day. We selected a few of the main tourist attractions in town and visited them as quickly as we could. Why? It was hot. So hot that sweat was dripping off me like a waterfall – like this. Sorry for the disgusting image.  

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