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What to expect: High school in Malaysia vs New Zealand

I should have written this post eons ago – like 2008. That was the year I moved to good old NZ for high school. I am glad that I got to experience that one year of high school. It was so different to schooling life in Malaysia that I was gobsmacked at times.

Before I left Malaysia I was fretting what school in NZ would be like. I had all these questions but there was nobody to answer them. I guess it was because I didn’t know anybody who had been here at the time. I knew one other person who was going to NZ the same time I was and that was it.

It was tough to have all these thoughts and worry about sitting SPM at the same time. Now, people will probably just consult Master Google but in 2008 that wasn’t the case. There was internet but there wasn’t any 3G. You didn’t just Google to find an answer. Ok, going off on a tangent – back to the topic.

Anyway,  I thought I’d get all nostalgic and write about my experience. Hopefully it will help some of you who are looking to come study in NZ .

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A Great Relationship

Today I am going to talk about something more personal – namely, me and M’s relationship.

Me and M met at Buddy Night organized by the Law Society of our university in 2009. It was a gathering for first years to meet the seniors and get absolutely sloshed. I was with a friend and we hung out together all night. There were guys that kept coming to talk to us and one of these guys was M. His friend approached mine while the two of us stood awkwardly to the side. In the end we started talking and that was the start of our friendship.  This year we will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary . Gosh time flies.

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10 Asian Kitchen Must-Haves

Hello! I have yet to properly test out any recipes to publish (promise I’ll get to it). Instead I thought I’d share some kitchen ‘Must-Haves’ with you instead .

I hail from Malaysia and lineage wise I am Chinese.  So the ‘Must-Haves’ listed here will be based of a Malaysian-Chinese kitchen. Without these core ingredients in their kitchen, I think many Malaysian-Chinese’ cooks would be lost -I would be! Anyone else feel this way?

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