Hello! Not sure who I am saying hello to but….

Hello and welcome to my blog!

If you were looking to buy Chai or something of the like, I’m sorry to disappoint. There is nothing remotely connected to that here except for the fact that I like drinking Chai Latte.

So why call this blog The Chai Ninja?

Simple – Chai is my surname. Why not use it? Upon googling for domain names, this caught my eye. The rest is history. Besides, it makes me sound cooler than I am. I like to think that I’m a ninja, although I am far from one. The only combat I am involved in is a daily one with myself – perhaps the boyfriend if he pushed my buttons. I am far from stealthy (as I am as clumsy) and I can’t aim to save my life.

What is this blog really about?

Like I said, I am in combat with myself daily. I am combatting the bulge, the urge to wallop all the yummy food and unnecessary procrastination. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog. To chronicle my days, serving me as a reminder of what I can achieve and also to provide me a sense of accountability.

I love food. I have a terrible mentality about it. I live to eat – probably why it is actually a really big battle for me to say ‘no’ to food. I grew up with this mentality and it has stuck. So now that good metabolism has well and truly left me leaving me with 1001 potential diseases in its stead, it is time to make changes. That doesn’t mean I love food any less though, no point in starving. I just make healthier versions and cut out fattening substances where I can. There will of course be the odd feast here and there. Don’t judge. Oh! I try to cook on a budget too. So will post tips on that and also recipes (if anyone wants them…).

On a side note, I have also started exercising. I will chronicle my ‘journey’ here. Most of the exercises I do are those that you can do at home.

At present, I am also on the job hunt. So you may hear me whinge about it with addition to a couple of depressive state posts here and there. Not going to lie, it is a tough market at the moment. Just got to keep my chin up and soldier on! Or should I say, ninja on…. Hopefully this will change soon enough and I will be updating about a new chapter in my life. If I still whinge then, well not every day at work will be perfect will it?

As I said, I am a terrible procrastinator. I mainly procrastinate due to boredom. I sit here, thinking of everything and anything. So it is with high hopes that this blog will combat that. Instead of spending hours thinking about useless stuff, I can just write it out which in turn, should cure my boredom as I have to produce content. I also browse the net a lot – not sure if having a blog helps that though. Anyway, at least writing a blog is productive isn’t it?

Right, so that is the gist of the blog content. Mundane posts about my daily life, food and the occasional whinge. Perhaps some travel ones slotted in between. I like to travel but between the lack of money and time, it is not the best combo to feed the wanderlust in me.

Right, I think I should end this here. I should mention that I also blog on Dayre. If anyone is interested…you can find me as ‘cschai’. Now that blog contains the full run down of my day every day. I treat it like a true diary. I promise content here will be much less mundane!

Thanks for reading and I hope to entertain you!

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