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Turbofire: Week 6

Hello all! It has been a very busy week for me. Finally finished my profs and my whole family is now here to attend my graduation. So it has been playing chauffeur and host everyday. I have tried my hardest to keep up with exercising and I think I have fared pretty well.

I missed out a day but have just decided to continue going as it is. If I work through next weeks’ ‘rest day’, I will be up to date again

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Turbofire: Week 4 and 5

Back to update on Turbofire during one of my million breaks from study. I currently have an assessment to last me through the Easter weekend. Yay me…..


So as you can see I missed updating on Week 4. I guess I put it off for a couple of reasons….

  1. I somehow sustained an injury to my knee and shoulders. Served me right for not stretching out before class and pivoting while I punch perhaps.
  2. I was really busy trying to catch up on study.
  3. I was feeling really unmotivated to blog about Turbofire as it didn’t seem like I was losing much weight.
  4. I skipped quite a few classes and felt really guilty.

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Turbofire: Week 3

Weekly update time! So this week, I have been feeling a little down overall. My professional study course is coming to an end so it has been getting tougher and busier. I know exercise is important and that I should set aside a time for it. But you know, when you pay a shit ton of money for a 13 week course that determines whether you get admitted into the bar….the study wins.

Right then, lets see how this week went.

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