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Sightseeing and Activities to do in Kuching, Sarawak: Part 1

I am back with another post about Kuching. Today I will touch on sightseeing and activities to do. Everything recommended will be within the Kuching vicinity. My intention is not to write about the place but to give you all tips based on my personal experience.

As a local, I tend not to do any tourist activities or visit tourist attractions. However in the past 2 years M came back to Kuching with me so, I got to play host! Below are some places that we visited the last 2 summers.

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How To Tell if a Bowl of Sarawak Laksa is Good

It is Labour Day today in Malaysia so I get to spend some time with the family. So while everyone is resting, I thought I’d continue writing the ‘Kuching Series’.

Today I want to elaborate more on Sarawak Laksa. As I said in my previous post, finding the best Laksa is a difficult task because it is dependant on the individual. I can give you a whole list of stalls that are said to sell the best Laksa in Kuching and there will be people who disagree. IMO, as long as the Laksa possesses the characteristics below, I think you are in for a real treat.

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