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Our visit to Xiamen, China

When I was younger my family visited China quite a few times during our long school break. I always liked China which some of my friends found odd – especially when the horror stories about fake eggs and gutter oil started to appear. But I think that China is just so much more than the scandals spun out of proportion by the media. It is a culture, history and food heaven which you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Now, I’m not saying tat China is a land of candies and unicorns. Believe me when I say that China has it’s ugly side too. But being a country that is considered as a cradle of civilization, and is now the world’s most populous and fastest growing economy  – a visit there promises a lifetime of unique memories.

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Viennese Sables – With a Twist

Do you like cookies? Well, I do. I have always loved cookies – especially butter cookies. My earliest memory of butter cookies were Danish Butter Cookies that were sold in a round blue tin. Just like this one here.

077330530064These were the bomb. As I grew up, my family started buying them less and less. I am not sure why but needless to say they have always been on my mind. My guess as to why my parents stopped buying them would be due to me and my gluttony of finishing half the tin on my own .

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Apple Banana Crumble (ABC) Muffins Recipe

I am finally back with another recipe. It took me ages to post this recipe up because I wanted to make sure that I got it RIGHT!

One day, I was at a cafe deciding whether I should order the muffin or the cupcake. While waiting in line and staring at the choices before me, this random thought crept into my head.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]”Why do Muffins never look as pretty as Cupcakes? It’s not that hard to make them look pretty right? Or is it….”[/blockquote]

And so I told myself that I would try make muffins look pretty enough to be presented as gift too – just like cupcakes.

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Corn Fritters and Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

It has been awhile since I wrote a recipe post. So I thought I’d write one today instead of continuing the Kuching Series posts. Today I will be sharing a recipe for Corn Fritters and Fresh Tomato Salsa. It is a simple recipe that  packs a punch!

Before we go on there is something I want to clarify. This recipe and other meatless recipes I’ve posted are definitely meatless but I cannot guarantee that it is vegan or vegetarian friendly. I usually include garlic, onion, eggs or milk in my cooking. To my knowledge these are acceptable to some vegetarians but not to others. So it is up to you to decide what you will need to omit and substitute .

Back to the recipe.

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