Turbofire: Week 3

Weekly update time! So this week, I have been feeling a little down overall. My professional study course is coming to an end so it has been getting tougher and busier. I know exercise is important and that I should set aside a time for it. But you know, when you pay a shit ton of money for a 13 week course that determines whether you get admitted into the bar….the study wins.

Right then, lets see how this week went.

Day 15

Fire45EZ and Stretch 10. I am getting pretty good with these stretches by the way. I shall soon be a gymnast. Anyway the 45EZ is different to the Fire45. With the EZ, there are no drills! Oops, not sure if I explained drills before, but they are basically 1 minute sessions where you go hardout. Anyway, not sure what it was but I think I prefer having the drills. A straight cardio session without these intervals was….not as EZ as I expected it to be.

Day 16

My thighs were extremely sore from day 14. So when I read that it was HIIT 25, . No matter, I got over it and got to work. It went by quickly and was not as bad as expected. Yay me! Stretch 10 after and I felt great. Bring it on study!

Day 17

Rest day! Time to catch up on all that assigned reading. Think I prefer exercise instead?

Day 18

Read the schedule and oo lala, what is this new class? Tone30? Supermodel body, here I come. Lucky for me I did the HIIT15 class that was meant to go with it first. If I didn’t do that, there was no way I was going to be able to do it after Tone30. I think the supermodel body will have to wait.

Day 19

Repeat of day 14. Think I am on a roll here. I finished the session and didn’t feel as lethargic as I did then. On the other hand, it could be because I was in so much pain that every jump made my muscle feel like it was being ripped apart so…I may have done the session low impact? Needless to say, I did not feel like a gymnast today.

Day 20

I may or may not have been lazy on this day. I went Easter egg hunting instead. Yes, it is for adults. No, I did not eat chocolate eggs all day. I also had an assessment to do. Right, bad excuse. I know.

Day 21

Did the Core20 that was scheduled for day 20. It was intense. I think I am starting to form abs though. M says otherwise. Way to pop the bubble M. Whichever way, still sore today. And I should mention that I still have yet to fully complete the Stretch40. It really tests my patience! I will take fast classes at any time.

That’s a wrap! So I haven’t quite started a routine of measuring myself. Perhaps I will get round to it this week. However, I have lost a bit more weight! A grand total of…300g Hopefully once I start doing weekly measurements we can see if I am losing inches more than weight. I shall also start making more drastic changes to my diet. Right now I am just cutting down on carbs and fat. Could definitely be doing more to aid the weight loss. Will let you all know how that goes next time. Bye!


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