Turbofire: Week 4 and 5

Back to update on Turbofire during one of my million breaks from study. I currently have an assessment to last me through the Easter weekend. Yay me…..


So as you can see I missed updating on Week 4. I guess I put it off for a couple of reasons….

  1. I somehow sustained an injury to my knee and shoulders. Served me right for not stretching out before class and pivoting while I punch perhaps.
  2. I was really busy trying to catch up on study.
  3. I was feeling really unmotivated to blog about Turbofire as it didn’t seem like I was losing much weight.
  4. I skipped quite a few classes and felt really guilty.

Anyway I am glad to say I got out of my rut. And while Week 5 has not been perfect, I have completed the classes everyday in comparison to last week. My knee is still twinges every so often. Perhaps I should get a knee guard.

Day 29

Motivation is back but I took one look at the calender and immediately wanted to shrink back into my hole. Fire 55EZ today. But I persevered and came out victorious. I did have to do everything low impact though. Psychologically, doing everything low impact helped wonders. I cheated my brain into thinking I could do the Fire55 EZ class without feeling like a truck ran over me and that in turn help boost my motivation to continue with Turbofire.

Day 30

Lots of work was due today! So decided to press on with that and do today’s work tomorrow.

Day 31

Today was meant to be ‘rest day’ but I did Day 30 instead. I also had my sister do it with me today! Yay! She is here to visit with mum for my graduation. It was Fire 30 and Sculpt 30. What a way to introduce her to Turbofire. We started with the Fire 30. She was panting really hard by the halfway point while I wasn’t. Needless to say I felt very smug. It is so much more fun to have someone else exercise together with you! I would gather friends to do it…but I don’t want people to know how uncoordinated I am. Sculpt 30 went alot better than before, I can now do proper push ups – for one set that is.

Day 32

Fire 30 and Tone 30 today. Roped my sister into doing it with me again. She said we should do the Tone 30 class before the Fire 30 because Chalene said, in the Sculpt 30 class that building muscle helps you burn fat. Not sure if it works instantly but whatever floats her boat. We did Tone30 and at the end of it, she said I was giving her a massage for this torture session. Torture session? No idea what she is talking about . Continued with the Fire 30 with ease.

Day 33

The sister went away for her mini holiday within a holiday so back to exercising alone. Fire 55 EZ….well can’t say it was super easy. Tried to go back to normal steps but the muscles did tingle a little from the previous 2 days. Finished the class but overall did not do it at maximum intensity. I figured, finishing was better than not finishing.

Day 34

Fire 45 it was today. Yup, still got it. And I actually got all the moves down pat now. Hah! No more uncoordinated jellyfish look when it comes to this class.

Day 35

Today’s schedule is a Core 20 and Stretch 40 class. I have not done it yet but will do it during my next study break. I shall try my hardest to complete the stretch 40 class. Hmm, mum is here….maybe I should get her to do this with me . It is pretty low impact so she should be able to handle it. What a great idea!


Right so weight wise, I have lost an additional 300g but I like my clothes aren’t as hip hugging anymore. So while I was in my rut, I went an read up and apparently when you do strength and cardio exercise it possible that your weight hardly changes. You can read about it here if you are interested. Therefore, I have decided to pull out another scale I have that is meant to measure body fat percentage too. How accurate it is, I do not know as I never really used the function. I am still trying to find the manual for it. Once I do, I will make a graph of sorts to map the stats out. Hopefully I will have it here by next week.

Till next time!

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