What happened to my Turbofire workouts?

Hello everyone! Thought I would take a break from travel related stuff to update about Turbofire. As you can see, I have not updated the chart.

I have unfortunately had to stop doing the workout . Its a shame really as I was starting to enjoy it and really get into a routine. But my back is in no state to do any exercise that involves jumping and lots of turning at the moment. The injury is a recurring one that came about due to my poor coordination which caused me to slip and fall, hitting my lower back against a rock while tramping years ago. I may have to succumb to going to the doctor who is likely to tell me what she has said time and time again – do aqua exercises or walking. She will also prescribe Ibuprofen for the pain. Can you tell that this has happened many times? First time I ended up in this situation was doing Zumba, then it was Pump followed by Insanity.

It serves me right for not listening to the doctor but I have an irrational fear of going to the pools. I don’t like people seeing me in togs. Why? Erm, fat rolls? But after all these attempts with low impact options, I think I have to face the facts and accept that I should not be doing these exercises. Perhaps after I lose a sufficient amount of weight…then maybe my back won’t feel the strain as much.

Anywho, my new plan is to take walks daily. I am charging my Fitbit Flex as I write this. My daily goal for it is set at 10k. Lets see how well I did during the week when I update next weekend. On top of walks I have also decided that I shall go for some Aqua group fitness classes. There are options of AquaFit to AquaZumba….I may try the Zumba one. I liked Zumba on land, how bad can it be in the water right? If the classes don’t suit then it is time to put those swimming lessons to good use. Does the frog swim burn many calories? Hm….

I have also been trying to change things up diet wise! Been eating less carbs. Winter season is also upon us so I aim to have lots of soups. What a great excuse to do the soup diet ae? Last week we mostly ate fish and little bits of pork/chicken. It was quite good actually. Meals were light and I didn’t feel like a stuffed turkey.

But yea, just thought I should update on this aspect of my life. Not really a useful post but if there is one lesson to be learned. If the doctor says not to do something, don’t do it. Lets hope my new plan helps in combating the bulge works out! Here is to starting anew *clinks glass*.

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