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Tofu Burger with Kumara (Sweet Potato) Wedges Recipe

M and I started doing Meatless Monday’s when we returned from our holiday. I have to say that we have been doing well. M has been doing exceptionally well in my opinion considering he is a steak loving man.

Since we started Meatless Monday’s after dinner, M will complain of hunger and proceed to give me this look: (right maybe not that exaggerated…). So I’ve had to get quite creative in an effort to make nice and filling meals on Monday’s. Usually I trawl for recipes online. One day, I found this recipe here. There was tofu in the fridge and I thought it was worth a shot.

When I served it M looked skeptical. But by the end of the meal, he actually said he liked it! And he did not complain of hunger after to boot.

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