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Turbofire: Week 3

Weekly update time! So this week, I have been feeling a little down overall. My professional study course is coming to an end so it has been getting tougher and busier. I know exercise is important and that I should set aside a time for it. But you know, when you pay a shit ton of money for a 13 week course that determines whether you get admitted into the bar….the study wins.

Right then, lets see how this week went.

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5 Things I wish I Did Differently in University

I have recently finished university  after 6 long years. Yes, yes, 6 years is a long time. There is a whole new world waiting for me and it excited but scares the living daylights out of me too. How contradictory ae? Anyway more about that another day.

Today I want to write about what I wish I did differently in uni. I wasn’t wise enough to do all these. So hopefully, someone else can benefit from my mistakes.

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