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Scrambled eggs: 2 ways

Back with a simple recipe that should be in every person’s recipe arsenal. Eggs are simply the best ingredient IMO. You can never cook them wrong and they taste great all the time. There are many, many ways to cook an egg but my personal favourite, the scrambled egg. I make 2 types of scrambled eggs very often. One is the milky Western version while is other is an Asian version that I often make for dinner. 

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Viennese Sables – With a Twist

Do you like cookies? Well, I do. I have always loved cookies – especially butter cookies. My earliest memory of butter cookies were Danish Butter Cookies that were sold in a round blue tin. Just like this one here.

077330530064These were the bomb. As I grew up, my family started buying them less and less. I am not sure why but needless to say they have always been on my mind. My guess as to why my parents stopped buying them would be due to me and my gluttony of finishing half the tin on my own .

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Tofu Burger with Kumara (Sweet Potato) Wedges Recipe

M and I started doing Meatless Monday’s when we returned from our holiday. I have to say that we have been doing well. M has been doing exceptionally well in my opinion considering he is a steak loving man.

Since we started Meatless Monday’s after dinner, M will complain of hunger and proceed to give me this look: (right maybe not that exaggerated…). So I’ve had to get quite creative in an effort to make nice and filling meals on Monday’s. Usually I trawl for recipes online. One day, I found this recipe here. There was tofu in the fridge and I thought it was worth a shot.

When I served it M looked skeptical. But by the end of the meal, he actually said he liked it! And he did not complain of hunger after to boot.

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