Turbofire: Week 6

Hello all! It has been a very busy week for me. Finally finished my profs and my whole family is now here to attend my graduation. So it has been playing chauffeur and host everyday. I have tried my hardest to keep up with exercising and I think I have fared pretty well.

I missed out a day but have just decided to continue going as it is. If I work through next weeks’ ‘rest day’, I will be up to date again

Day 36

Fire 55 EZ is actually getting pretty easy to get through. It really is more of a mental thing now to push to the end. So what I do is break it up into the combos. I tell myself “Finish this one, if you can’t do it after this stop”. But of course, I can physically continue so I tell myself, “Better do this too, otherwise your body will be lopsided.”

Day 37

Today I had to do Fire 30 and Sculpt 30. I can officially say I dislike the Sculpt class as much as the Stretch 40 class. Its physical torture but if its for my own good….I suppose I should stick to it?

Day 38

Rest day! Weeee

Day 39

Erm, I missed it…nuff said.

Day 40

Did Day 39 today. It was Fire 30 and Tone 30. Actually time passes pretty quickly with these Sculpt and Tone classes. Cause you gotta focus so hard to make sure you are doing it right to avoid injuries, you just lose track. Could just be me though. Oh, this is the point from where I am playing catchup till next week

Day 41

Another Fire 55EZ class. I got too gung ho about it, jumped about forgetting about my bad knee and back. I then ended up injuring my knee – again. So I hobbled on through the rest of the session. I guess confidence came to bite me in the butt .

Day 42

Back to Fire 45. Couldn’t enjoy it as much as I usually would because of the injury. Sigh hope it goes away soon. I really ought to look into getting a knee guard. But I still standby the fact that this class has the best soundtrack!

And that was my week. Because of the busy schedule in the day I have gone back to doing them later at night. I suppose doing it late is better than none at all.

Oh I have also finally made a chart to track my body measurements. Here is a graph I plotted today.

Body Measurement Chart Week 6With any luck, Week 7 should show some difference! These are based of today’s measurements. When I measured at the beginning of the week, it was about 0.3cm bigger on average for all measurements. So hopefully this keeps up! I hope this is accurate but hey, I’m human and make errors too.

I decided against the body fat scale cause I’m going away soon where I won’t have access to one.

So that is in for Turbofire this week

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